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Welcome to the Academic Bass Portal, a site conceived as a research tool for the collection, dissemination and the advancement of the cumulative double bass knowledge. The goal of this portal is to provide the world’s most comprehensive double bass bibliography in a format that is always current, accessible and upgradeable.

For the last few decades we have witnessed an unprecedented evolution in the field of information technologies that offer us today more resources than was ever before possible. The positive side of this development is that we have now the most sophisticated tools for the research of human activity ever created. The downside is that in such an abundance it is also becoming increasingly difficult to get a quick overview of the field or find something particular – a problem evident in the niche of double bass scholarship too.

Thus in the field of double bass heritage we presently face a serious need for an update and general systematization of all the previously known sources, if we plan to continue updating our histories and the currency of our knowledge. As we look down the bass history lane, we can notice how it started with a trail of music autographs and treatises – which were then followed by music editions and books – and these in turn further complemented by the early audio and TV recordings – until at last we reach our time, characterized by ever evolving digital media formats. All of these bibliographic materials pose today a great challenge to unify and present, as the procedures for storing and cataloging them become ever more complex and thus limited only to the specialists who know where to look and how to retrieve them. The global and complete presentation of the state of double bass research has now become ripe for a new medium suited for our time.

Our existing bass resources that were passed to us in the traditional forms of autographs, editions, books, articles, recordings, photographs or videos, have been migrating online for some time already, and it is legitimate to believe that the trend will continue until essentially everything is located on the web. Thus the scholarly research is also bound to move in this ever expanding world and continue to thrive there. The purpose of this portal is to unite all these resources in one useful center and offer them to public for the benefit of all.

Igor Pecevski

Presented to Public:  November 11, 2013
Created: March 7, 2013 [Beta]

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