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As was the case with most web sites, the Academic Bass Portal had started as a pure idea in a need of formal organization before it could be presented on the web. It has evolved thorough some 11 years of experience in development of the Viennese Tuning site (now retired), and some 30 years of interest and specialization in the fields of general bass history and its heritage. It was also inspired by ever-expanding corpus of materials related to bass performance, history and scholarship.

From the technical point nevertheless, the challenge was how to develop the very core of the site without letting it appear initially underdeveloped to the motivated visitors. Thus a system of expansion in a “Beta – Development Mode” was implemented, where the individual pages were published anonymously and were announced only through the Facebook ABP page. This profile of development was chosen in order to accumulate enough material, before the official integrated site could be presented. With this page however, the Academic Bass Portal has reached its “critical mass” and will start to function as a fully integrated site. Accordingly, all the further development and updates you will also be able on this site  within the Site Development page.

Igor Pecevski

January 13, 2015

Created by Igor Pecevski

Last Update: November 3, 2015

Posted: January 13, 2015.