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Welcome to the Research page, a lead pillar of the ABP Research section designed to collect and evaluate all the resources relevant to advancement of bass history and scholarship. The goal of this section is to present a specialty page for each category of research interest that can serve academic, professional and even avocational interests.

While creating the future list of headings for this section it has become apparent that in some instances the concepts of Research and Bibliography are almost synonymous, since in order to produce the research one needs a bibliography, and conversely in order to make a bibliography one already has to do a type of research. Thus it was decided to divide those two fields loosely by following criteria. All the resources that can initially serve as a basis for creation of new research and scholarly works, will be cited here in Research section. All the other works that already belong to the category of finished scholarship, such as history books, dissertations, articles and similar, will be cited within the Bibliography section.

The Research section starts with Databases as the most interesting and evolving resource of bass information, and will be followed by the separate pages for Libraries, Personal estates, Museums, Conferences and other pertinent fields. Lastly, this page will be expanded later to offer an overview of the actual bass history as was witnessed in the preserved historiographical and pedagogical works of the past two centuries. Such an overview will try to clarify all the current trends in bass historiography and along offer few perspectives on how the filed may evolve in the time to come.

Created by Igor Pecevski

Posted: January 13, 2015