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Welcome to the Bass in Art home page, a division of ABP created to collect and systematize all available sources that represent double bass in various arts. The Double Bass as an instrument dates back to the late 16th century and throughout its history has already been featured in variety of visual and performing arts. In the more recent times it was featured within the  Prose and Poetry and Motion Pictures as well. In addition, the double bass as a subject and not the participant, was  even featured within the music genres such as Operas, Musicals and Songs. Thus all of these art genres are planned to be presented here with separate dedicated pages that can enable you to explore, enjoy and study these works further.

From the scholarship point of view however, perhaps the most important art section is the Bass Iconography, or the visual representations of double bass and bassists from previous eras.  The artworks featured in this iconography bear witness both to the actual performing practice and to the variety of instruments used in preceding centuries. Moreover, the iconography is also important to the field of organology (science of musical instruments) which also explores the development of large historical bass instruments and how they have influenced the development of a modern double bass. For this reason the Iconography was selected as the first section to open the Bass in Art division.

Created by Igor Pecevski

Posted: April 25, 2023