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Winsel, Louis (1880-1967)


Full Name:

Louis E. Winsel

LC Authority:

Winsel, Louis


German / American – Census record

Bass Tradition:

German / American


Solo & Orchestra bassist, Composer, Editor, Arranger, Conservatory Professor



December 11, 1880, Collme, Germany

        Studied with:

A. Gengrich, Oswald Schwabe

        Studied at:

Naumberg Academy, Leipzig Conservatory


Dresden Symphony Orchestra – Solo Bass
Hamburg Opera – Solo Bass
Hamburg Symphony Orchestra – Solo Bass
Bayreuth Festspielorchester
Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra – Principal Bass


Hamburg Conservatory, Germany
Cincinnati Conservatory, US

        Noted Students:

the listing not available at this time


Recital at Steinway Hall in New York City on May 18, 1937

[ see New York Times report under Feature Articles heading ]


July 1, 1966, Cincinnati, OH, US


Vine Street Hill Cemetery, Cincinnati, OH, US


Louis S. Winsel, son (presently not known if a bassist)
Gen Parchman (1929-1992), grandson, also a double bassist and a composer – Wikipedia nl


“Winsel Overture” by Gen Parchman, written as a homage to his grandfather

“CSO Violist Soloist In ‘Harold In Italy’.” The Cincinnati Enquirer, January 17, 1964, p. 11. – Newsp Link

”The program will open with the “Winsel Overture,” a world premiere of the newest work by Gen Parchman. Mr. Parchman is a member of the bass section of the Cincinnati Orchestra who has dedicated his composition to his grandfather, Louis Winsel, principal bass player here for many years.”


        Biographical Citations:

Saunders, Richard D, and William J. Perlman. Music and Dance in the Central States. Hollywood, Calif: Bureau of Musical Research, 1952. p. 160.

”… now solo bass with Cincinnati Symphony. Steinway Hall (New York) recital 1937. Compositions include 3 concertos (A minor; B-flat major; A major) for double bass with orchestra or piano; numerous short pieces and arrangements for Double Bass solo or with other instruments or voices. Taught at Hamburg Conservatory. Now faculty member Cincinnati Conservatory …”

Warnecke, Friedrich. “Ad Infinitum.”: Der Kontrabass, Seine Geschichte Und Seine Zukunft. Probleme Und Deren Lösung Zur Hebung Des Kontrabassspiels. Hamburg: Der Verfasser, 1909. p. 55.

”Louis Winsel, geb. 11. Dezember 1880 in Collme, Schüler von A. Genrich. Gegenwärtig im Orchester des Stadttheaters zu Hamburg.”


                Feature Articles:

“Louis Winsel.” The Cincinnati Enquirer, Sunday, April 19, 1936, p. 5. – Newsp Link

“Soloists Louis John Johnen and Louis Winsel have an important part on the program. Selections from My Maryland, Esberger’s Orchestra. (a) Fruhling Du … “

“Winsel Gives Recital ; Contrabass player of Cincinnati Symphony Heard Here” The New York Times, May 19, 1937, p. 26. UC LinkNYTimes Link  

“Louis Winsel, first contrabass player of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, gave a recital last night at Steinway Hall. Accompanied by Siegfried Winsel at the piano, he played a sonata in A major” by … ”

“Microphone  Presents ; Broadcasters Sing of the Summertime” The New York Times, June 27, 1937, p. ? NYTimes Link

“ … Howard Barlow conducting; Louis Winsel is contra bass soloist: WABC, 3:30 … ”

        Online Dictionaries:

Nagybogo hu – Louis Winsel

        Other Citations:

Applebaum, Samuel. The Way They Play. Paganiniana Publications, 1972. p. 225.

“I recall hearing my first bass recital in 1939 by Louis Winsel. The style was that of the old Koussevitzky records made in the ’20’s. These were mostly salon pieces played molto schmaltzando. In the early ’40’s I heard the eminent Torello play.”


location and condition of estate unknown at present


Bass Heritage Board, September 1, 2014 – Photo of Louis Winsel, posted by Chun-Shiang Chou

Bass Heritage Board, September 1, 2014 – Photo of Louis Winsel from his bass method of ca. 1910, posted by Chun-Shiang Chou


        Solo & Piano:

All compositions cited here are listed in alphabetical order, although certain German publications offer the opus number as well. Future research should determine if a complete opus number listing can be located, or reconstructed, from the extant materials.

• Concerto No. 1 in C Major. Record Link 1Record Link 2


Albright, Philip H. Original Solo Concertos for the Double Bass. Rochester, N.Y: University of Rochester Press, D.M.A. Thesis, University of Rochester, 1969. p. 86-87. – Download Page

• Concert Fantasia Brilliante (Images of youth). – Record Link

• Concert Fantasia Brilliante (When the swallows go home). – Record Link

• Concert Fantasia Capriccio (My native country).Record Link

• Concerto Fantasia (Carry me back to old Virginny). – Record Link

• Cycle. – Record Link

• Czardas. – Record Link 1Record Link 2

• Dance of the Gnome. – Record Link 1 – Record Link 2

• Devil’s Concerto: In a Minor. Record Link 1Record Link 2  – Record Link 3Record Link 4


Albright, Philip H. Original Solo Concertos for the Double Bass. Rochester, N.Y: University of Rochester Press, D.M.A. Thesis, University of Rochester, 1969. p. 87-88. – Download Page

• Dreaming. Record Link 1Record Link 2

• Gavotte Elegante.  Record Link 1  Record Link 2

• Grossmütterchens Traum: Solo für Kontrabass : Op. 10. – Record Link

• I Love My Double Bass: Waltz. – Record Link 1 – Record Link 2

• Legende.  Record Link 1  Record Link 2

• Longing. – Record Link

• Lullaby. – Record Link

• Melody. – Record Link

• Menuett. – Record Link

• Opera fantasia Aida. – Record Link

• Opera fantasia Caprice L’elisine d’amore. – Record Link

• Opera fantasia Faust. – Record Link

• Opera fantasia Flying Dutchman. – Record Link

• Opera fantasia Lucia di Lammermoor. – Record Link

• Opera fantasia Otello.  Record Link 1  Record Link 2

• Opera fantasia The Puritaner. – Record Link

• Opera fantasia Rigoletto. Record Link 1 Record Link 2

• Opera fantasia caprice La Traviata. Record Link

• Opera fantasia Tannhauser. Record Link

• Opera fantasia brillante La Straniera.  Record Link 1  Record Link 2

• Recitativ and Arie. – Record Link

• Reminiscenz für Contrabasse Prinzipale Mit Klavierbegleitung. – Record Link

• Sechs Werke für Contrabass und Klavier: Seguedilla. Record Link

• Serenade. – Record Link

• Shepherd song. – Record Link

• Sonata in D minor from Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.  Record Link 1 – Record Link 2

• Sunrise Cycle. – Record Link

• Tarantella. – Record Link 1 – Record Link 2

• Theme and Variations from Schubert’s Forellen-Quintet.  Record Link 1  Record Link 2

        Solo & Ensemble:

Some of the concertos exist also in their original orchestra score versions, and will be presented here when their  research is completed.


                Two Instruments with Piano Accompaniment:

• Conversation: Flute, Double-Bass, Piano. – Record Link

• Duet Concertante: For Violin and Double-Bass with Piano. – Record Link

• Compositions for Violin, Double-Bass and Piano. – Record Link

Meditation / J.S. Bach-Gounod
Waltz serenade / L. Winsel
Grand duo from Delacour et Gouffe
Duett Concertante / L. Winsel.

• Sounds from Home”: [for Viola, Double-Bass and Piano]. – Record Link

• Steyrische Weisen: Solo für Violine Und Kontrabass : Op. 12. – Record Link

• Waltz Serenade: For Violin and Double Bass. – Record Link

        Chamber Music:

At this time no traditional chamber pieces have been noted.


                Solo & Piano:

Indiana University Holdings:

(v. 1) Bach, J.S. Gavotte and La musette.–Beethoven. Menuett.–Brahms. Hungarian dances no. 5 and no. 6.–Brahms. Wiegenlied.–Gluck. Gavotte.–Händel. Menuett. Gavotte no. 1 and no. 2 and Musette.–Haydn. Serenade.–Mozart. Horch auf den Klang der Zither.–Ole Bull. Sehnsucht der Sennerin.–Schubert. Ave Maria. Wiegenlied.–Schumann. Träumerei.
(v. 2) Dvorak. Humoreske.–Foster. Slumber my darling.–Godard. Berceuse.–Grieg. Solveygs Lied.–MacDowell. To a wild rose.–Paganini. Moses fantasia. Sonata no. 12. Sonata (op. posth.).–Raff. Kavatine.–Simonetti. Madrigale.–Weber. Wiegenlied. – Record Link

Other Holdings:

Bach, Johann S. La Musette. Arranged by Louis Winsel. – Record Link

Bach, Johann S. Gavotte. Arranged by Louis Winsel. – Record Link

Brahms, Johannes. Hungarian Dance No. 5. Arranged by and Louis Winsel. – Record Link

Gluck, Christoph W. Gavotte. Arranged by Louis Winsel. – Record Link

Gounod, Charles, and Johann S. Bach. Méditation (Ave Maria). Arranged by Louis Winsel. – Record Link

Grand Duo, Violin & Double Bass, Transcribed from Delacour Et Gouffe. – Record Link

Handel, George F. Menuett, Gavotte No. 1, Gavotte No. 2, and Musette. Arranged by Louis Winsel. – Record Link

Haydn, Joseph. Serenade: Transcription for Double Bass and Piano. Arranged by Louis Winsel. – Record Link

Mozart, Wolfgang A. Horch Auf Den Klang Der Zither. – Record Link

Paganini, Nicolò. Sonata (opera Postuma). Arranged by Louis Winsel. – Record Link

[ unclear if the same as Sonata XII ? ]

Paganini, Nicolò. Sonata XII. Arranged by Louis Winsel. – Record Link 1 – Record Link 2

Paganini, Nicolò. Moses Fantasia. Arranged by Louis Winsel. – Record Link

Simonetto, V.A. Madrigale. Arranged by Louis Winsel. – Record Link

Weber, Carl M. Wiegenlied. Arranged by Louis Winsel. – Record Link


• Theoretisch-praktische Auch Zum Selbstunterricht Geeignete Kontrabass-Schule: Op. 42. Hamburg: Benjamin, n.d.. – Record Link

        Etudes – Arranged:

• Kayser, H E. 36 Studies, for String Bass, Op. 20. Arranged by Louis Winsel. New York: International Music Co, 1950. – Record Link Online Download

• Kayser, H E. 36 Études: Élémentaires Et Progressives : Pour Le Violon : Op. 20. Arranged by Louis Winsel. Leipzig: Cranz, [19–] – Record Link


Photograph of an exterior view of the Pantages Theater in San Diego, ca. 1920. Citation of “Prof Louis Winsel” on the concert poster by the right side. Considering that Louis Winsel was indeed a Professor of Double Bass at Hamburg Conservatory prior to his arrival at United States, this is likely an announcement for one of his early American concerts.

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Posted: January 18, 2017